WRITER'S DIGEST BOOK REVIEW "The thing that I found most impressive about War of the Angels is how incredibly believable it is. I found myself unable to put the book down once I began reading"---"As an enlisted soldier I feel that this book can give me a further understanding and insight to the truths of our present day positioning in the war." Materi---"You really have a message to tell! I don't read that many books because they don't keep my interest, but yours I read almost cover-to-cover as soon as I picked it up from the mail. You have helped make sense of what is REALLY going on in the world today! " (STAFF SARGENT Combat Arms/Security Specialist) ---"I read War of the Angels straight thru. I could not sleep afterwards. I heard a voice in my stomach say, `Believe,' clear as day." Jason ---“It was great! I saw an angel too and it was huge.”Aaron---"Worth its weight in Gold! This book has changed my life! This book is truly inspired by the Holy Ghost!" Amazon Review---“It is the best book I have ever read in my life. It is wonderful.” Sue C., St. Petersburg, FL---“Oh, wow. I’m so nervous. It’s really going to happen. I can already see it in the news.” Trivonda R., Jacksonville, FL---"The book is remarkably enthralling. The prophecies are shocking, and deeply disturbing. I just hope you're not right." G.H., British Soldier in Iraq---I heard a voice, an audible voice that I will never forget say "I AM." It came from the area of my chest, that's the only way I can describe it. It was loud without yelling, commanding, I just lay there stunned." Linda C.---"I am extremely aware of my angels presence now, always to my right, in the back of me." Wilson---- "It had me hooked the entire way. The book is so gripping and intense. (The book) prevents me from seeing anything in this world the same way again after knowing all this, and this is really what gives the author so much credibility in my eyes. " Talisac ---"Reading the book felt like entering some kind of strange conflict, just by knowing. There was a feeling that I was reading something very serious with two sides pulling on me. Definite chills."Mars ---"This book is ALIVE man!! My brain keeps talking to me that it's fake, and my insides are busting out to say it's real. But I can SEE it now. It's everyday on TV. I'm going to hand it to my friends and watch their look when angels or something start talking to them!!!" Chad ---"I am really impressed. I can't wait to read it in French." Nick (Quebec) --- "Se presisarem da minha ajuda, estou a disposicao. E so dizer quem e o alvo!" Lourenco Benedito Neto, Portugal ---"Czy mozecie mi przyslac jakies info na wasz temat,bo bardzo mnie to zainteresowalo...Pozdrawiam!Szem ha-meforasz!!!" Ewa, Poland---"I just finished War of the Angels in 1 day! It was a very powerful book and the Holy Spirit tells me its true." James --- "Best book I've ever read! However, EVERYONE is going to be "passionate" about it. I rate it five stars, but many will hate this book because of its controversial nature and they will rate it much lower because of their disagreements. The author will make many friends and many enemies. He has drawn a line in the sand, and you are forced to stand on one side or the other. That said, you cannot deny that Mr. Mullen is an extraordinary writer. I read the entire book in one sitting. I've never done THAT before. Just could not stop turning the pages!" Barnes and Noble Reviewer --- "This is the best book I have ever read. From page one I could not put it down until I had completely finished. " Amazon Reviewer ---"Outstanding read! 'War of the Angels' is one of the best books I have read in a very long time...Tells of end time events, identity of the Anti Christ, Bible Prophesy of events to come in this world.This book has changed my life for the better and I thank the Author for writing this wonderful book" Kathy, A TRUE BELIEVER! --- "Great Book, hard to stop reading. I thought this book was great. It is enthralling and suspenseful, and very believable. If this book is even remotely accurate in any way, then it is a must read. Serious topic and well written. Very believable. Makes you want to keep reading."Fan of Supernatural Thrillers ------ NOW IT IS "YOUR" TURN TO READ!!
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