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 YHWH Freedom Farm Is our home...a spiritual wilderness retreat where we Honor our Abba & Savior!  Time for a "RELATIONSHIP not routine"!  YHWH Freedom Farm is a spiritual retreat for the whole family. It is a unique gathering place where true BELIEVERS in Yahshua & Seekers of TRUTH come to grow in faith and heal physically & spiritually, YAH'S WAY!


It is our heart's cry that every person around the face of our MOTHERSHIP EARTH be divinely drawn into a true one-on-one relationship with our CREATOR & the SON HE GAVE for us!   We are a grassroots ministry born of "I AM,  I AM your FATHER" & the call to "COME".


YHWH Freedom Farm seeks to strengthen the BODY without man-made lines of religion.  We are governed only by our FATHER in heaven, the SON HE GAVE for us, the HOLY SPIRIT which leads, the HOLY Scriptures which reveal counsel, & the promises etched on our hearts.


"1st you will TEACH them about ME"

We seek to know & teach the fullness of FATHER'S TRUTH without getting legalistic.  It is our hearts' desire to walk in HIS Statues, keep HIS Commands, & LOVE ONE ANOTHER just like our Savior Yahshua did.  Not because we have too, but because we LOVE our DAD, we LOVE our SAVIOR, & we desire to HONOR THEIR WILL...that they come into our house!


"2nd you will RETURN their HAPPY SPIRIT"

We'll sing, dance, & praise in 'YHWH Tabernacle' a primitive outdoor, cedar ampitheater!  Together, we'll pool our talents & have wholesome fun as a body of believers, seekers, & lovers of YHWH, so grab your walking shoes & your instrument...& come on down!


We'll talk, laugh, share & care as we prepare meals together in 'YHWH Pavilion' a simple outdoor, open-air, kitchen.  We'll "put our hands together & work together" discovering YAH'S WAY to prepare healthy, nutritous, wholesome foods!


One of the coolest ways to meet your DAD is to join HIM in HIS CREATION!

COME PEACE UP 2 the HIGHEST POWER of LOVE with your friends & family for the day...or spend the night together beneath the moon & stars.  You'll enjoy hearing the call of the wild & your FATHER'S voice as the coyotes howl, the birds sing, the wind blows, & the waves roll in (unless there is a drought...like now).  Remember to bring your tent, sleeping bag, lawn chair, flashlight, ice chest, food & water, hiking shoes, drum, tamborine, guitar, harmonica, journal, sense-of-adventure, thirst-for-knowledge, willing spirit & pure mind, & mostly a desire to commune with Abba Father.


Prepare to get your hands dirty!  YHWH Freedom Farm is a working farm of sorts...and all hands are needed on deck!  Bring your loppers, weedeaters, hammers, & gloves.  There is always a project going on.  Sometimes you lead & sometimes you follow.  FATHER taught us that "everything's gonna be alright & everything's gonna be okay, all we've got to do is put our hands together & work together".  As we clear the wilderness of our Mother Earth, we clear the wilderness of our minds. It's holy-amazing how working outdoors lifts your spirit & your thoughts...and the beautiful thing: it feels good to pour yourself in to a common project alongside people you love...including new friends.  By the time you pack out, you'll discover a new state of being...feeling renewed, refreshed, forgiven, & restored...physically, mentally, & spiritually.  PRAISE YAH!!!


"3rd you will Teach everything else"

What are you interested in?  On YHWH Freedom Farm, you are free to study & explore the world with like minded individuals.  Science, organic gardening, history,current events, cooking, music, hiking, fishing, art, primitive building 101, survival techniques, herbal remedies,...or whatever you desire to know!  Oh by the way, there is no wifi...and no plug-ins for electronics.  This will be a true wilderness adventure...learning to deplug in order to truly plug in!


Freedom Farm is our home...and we humbly open the NARROW GATE for faithful people to "COME" gather close to our Abba FATHER'S TRUTH.  Reservations are a must. Please contact cj@twofaithfulbeachbums.com. TheTIME IS NOW to get your journey on, & let the GOOD SOUL ROLL!


We welcome all true BELIEVERS & SEEKERS...regardless of church affiliation &/or denomination.  We're currently available for Shabbat study & fellowship, day camping, weekend retreats, baptisms, & other special events.  YHWH Tabernacle is a great place for live music, plays, & spiritual revival!


We strive to live in harmony with all creation...by walking in FATHER'S Statutes, keeping HIS Commandments, & LOVING ONE ANOTHER...just as our Lord & Savior Yahshua did!  Our ultimate goal is to 'GATHER as many as humanly possible closer to our heavenly FATHER by the hand in love'.  It is our desire to discover, share, & experience the fullness of TRUTH...empowered by the Holy Spirit.  It is our fervent prayer to GLORIFY our FATHER standing as as a radiant bride By our SAVIOR's Side!


We pray YHWH moves your heart to" COME" & get involved.  If you can't 'COME', we pray you contribute to the cause so that others may benefit.  As a start up entity, we have many needs,...yet our taste are humble.  We need new or used building materials & farm equipment...just about everything & anything.  Our dirt driveway is a rough commute on sunny days & becomes a mud bog when it rains, so we have the fun privelege of hauling our guests in on a flatbed trailer.  I'll admit it's actually kind of fun, but GRAVEL sure would be nice!!   We will be blessed by any & all contributions, including your heartfelt prayers.  Thru the GRACE of GOD...we can do much to heal the BODY, prepare the BRIDE, & REVIVE AMERICA!


The Hour has grown Late & the Time to "COME" is now!  May we OPEN our MINDS & HEARTS a little wider, & let the SPIRIT of TRUTH "COME" in. If you're led to join hands & help REVIVE AMERICA, please contact us @ 903-875-0222...or simply contribute to the cause.  YHWH FREEDOM FARM is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of TEXAS, but we are not a recognized 501C3.  Contributions are not tax deductable.


As CHILDREN of YHWH, we LOVE & RESPECT our MOTHER EARTH...and feel most connected when in hanging out in Abba Father's Living Room.  We BELIEVE upon YAHSHUA as the SON of GOD who died that we may live & we strive to walk as He did.  As respectors of all CREATION, we are blessed to welcome you thru the OPEN DOOR.