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  • The five injured Abu Jazar brothers of the Gaza protests
    In a dim room in a two-story building in al-Shaboora, Rafah, the poorest refugee camp in the southern Gaza strip, five brothers of the Abu Jazar family recall the details and pains of their multiple injuries by Israeli fire during 55 weeks of the... Topics: Gaza Strip, Protests
  • The Destruction of the Palestinians Will Be Israel’s Undoing
    The Israel-Palestine conflict is at the heart of politics not only in the Middle East, but in the United States. As the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu moves further toward the hard right with the support of U.S. President Donald Trump,... Topics: Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump
  • The Horrors of Israeli Occupation Have Been Laid Bare
    Christians the world over look to the Holy Land this week as they celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, while Jews around the globe observe Passover, recalling their exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt. Current events in Israel and... Topics: Egypt, Israel
  • Challenging smears by the Jewish Chronicle’
    Israel’s most powerful military weapon is the smearing of its critics to silence them and focus attention away from the reality in Palestine. Rather than from steel and explosives, this Weapon is made from the hijacking of Jewish identity and... Topics: Israel, Military
  • Israeli Court orders Human Rights Watch Director Deported for Blowing Whistle on Business ties to...
    Human Rights Watch) – Court Ruling Centers on Reporting Business Ties to Settlements (Jerusalem) – An Israeli court on April 16, 2019 upheld the Israeli government’s order to deport Omar Shakir, the Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine... Topics: Human Rights, Israel, Jerusalem