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  • Syria Rebels Surrender Frontier with Israel
    Syrian rebels agreed to surrender their last pockets of control in southwest Quneitra province to the government, state media reported Thursday, making way for Damascus to re-establish its authority along the Israeli frontier. The deal, confirmed... Topics: Syria
  • Israel adopts a “racist and divisive” Jewish nation-state law
    Israel passed a “nation-state” law on Thursday declaring that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, stirring anger from members of the Arab minority who said it was racist and drawing an expression of concern from the...
  • Liberal Left Uses Orban's Visit to Israel to Criticize Netanyahu – Researcher
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is visiting Israel and it is expected to promote bilateral ties between the two states, strengthening European support for Israel. However, some Israeli lawmakers are concerned over the meeting. Radio Sputnik... Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Israeli Police Arrest Rabbi Over Wedding Ceremonies
    JERUSALEM—Israeli police have briefly detained a liberal rabbi in the city of Haifa over performing “illegal” Jewish weddings without authorization of the country’s chief rabbinate. Rabbi Dubi Haiyun, who belongs to the Conservative... Topics: Police, Jerusalem, Religion
  • Trump must warn Israel on its China trade
    President Trump must warn Israel that its rapidly growing economic relationship with China must not come at the expense of U.S. security and intellectual property interests. Topics: China

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