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  • C is for Censorship
    The suppression of Palestine activism on American campuses is a well-documented phenomenon, with multiple Zionist organizations targeting students and faculty who organize for justice for Palestine, creating lists that vilify them as anti-Semites,... Topics: Censorship, Activism
  • The gas fields off Gaza: a gift or a curse?
    In 2012 Palestine Electricity Company and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation agreed to import Egyptian gas across the Rafah border. It was thought at the time this agreement could bring relief to the residents of the Gaza Strip who have been... Topics: Gaza Strip
  • Extinction Rebellion has shown me the way forward for Jewish solidarity with Palestine
    What makes some Jewish rebellions more acceptable than others? When can you use Judaism in the service of rebellion and when can’t you? And what makes Jewish protest over Israel/Palestine the boundary line of allowable behavior in mainstream... Topics: Religion, Protests, Israel
  • Pro-Israel org says Warren campaign assured them that anti-occupation staffer wouldn’t be working...
    The Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) was formed earlier this year by a group of well-connected Democrats and donors who were concerned about growing pro-Palestine attitudes within the party. The group’s most consistent target has been... Topics: Israel
  • The Golan-Gaza Comparison Importance for Peace
    Israeli wine has taken the world by storm. And some of the very best comes from the Golan Heights. Similarly, the Gaza Strip during the pre-Islamic era, when it was still mostly populated by Jews, produced wines to compete with the finest in the... Topics: Gaza Strip