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  • Gantz No Different Than Netanyahu But He's The Lesser of Two Evils - Palestinian Scholars
    Quiet has been restored in Israel's southern communities after another round of tensions with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who launched more than a hundred rockets into Israel following a Sunday incident on the Gaza-Israel border where the IDF used... Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu, Gaza Strip, Palestine
  • Israeli Official Slams Sanders ‘Horrifying Comment’
    “Israel’s foreign minister denounced Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders on Wednesday for what he called his ‘horrifying comment’ about Jerusalem, saying that those who support Israel would not back Sanders’ presidential... Topics: Jerusalem
  • Israel Takes Strict Approach To Control The Spread Of Coronavirus
    Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Israel is banning the entry of foreign nationals who have been in China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and South Korea over the last two weeks. Topics: China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea
  • Israel's Navy Is A Nuclear Power
    Robert Beckhusen Security, And it has nuclear weapons. Key point: A nuclear power.  Israel’s navy is the smallest branch of the Israel Defense Forces. However, the need to protect Israel’s recently-established gas rigs in the Mediterranean...
  • Donald Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Would Be ‘Apartheid Made Permanent’
    Rachad Antonius Politics, Middle East 'Deal of the century'? Nothing is further from a peace effort than the plan that Israel and the Donald Trump administration have concocted for Palestine. Previous American administrations have all been... Topics: Donald Trump, Apartheid, Palestine

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