Israel Under Attack in America

It is the mission of Jerusalem Broadcasting Company to bring Jews and Gentiles together in these Last Days, and to inform them of things to come and what they should do. And with the election of President Donald Trump it is our desire to restore Israeli and American relations to what they used to be.

The past administration of Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, turned his back on Israel in favor of supporting Islamic extremists. Who would have ever believed such a thing could happen to the greatest friend and ally the United States has ever had in the Middle East? But it did. Obama left little doubt that he, himself, is a Muslim. We believe that Americans who voted for Obama were greatly deceived, and that the "Arab Spring" was the brainchild of Obama and his Muslim White House staff, and that he created "ISIS." He spread worldwide hatred of Israel.

In America, the unlawful "hippie activists" of the 60's and 70's have become tenured university professors, filling our young people's minds with negative impressions of Israel, poisoning them with falsehoods taught as fact.

The Islamic nations have used our oil money to purchase large shares of stock in American media, and now they have a voice in what the news shows may or may not report about Israel. They consistently side with Islamic extremists against Israel, creating a hatred against our friends and allies like never before in history.

Jerusalem Broadcasting strives to be a voice of truth, News you can trust.