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When the Secret Service Agents threw me hard on my back in the middle of the highway, I thought they were going to shoot me. They had not yet drawn their weapons, but I saw them reaching for their shoulder holsters inside their suit coats.

I had been writing to President Ford about releasing Top Secret papers to me, but to no avail. So when I read that he and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat were coming to my home town of Jacksonville, Florida, for a peace summit in November of 1975, I was waiting for them. When their caravan slowed to a crawl for a sharp turn into Deerwood Country Club, I rushed his limousine with the intention of passing a letter to him, requesting one more time to release thousands of Top Secret papers to me.

The Secret Service materialized from thin air and slammed me to the pavement on Beach Boulevard. Firm hands pawed my entire body, searching for weapons. When they discovered I was unarmed, they simply took the manila envelope from my hands and opened it.

"HEY!' I yelled boldly for a man in my humbled position. "THOSE ARE TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!" The agents had not expected THAT response.

The papers were indeed top secret, sort of. At least that is what they said on the upper left-side of the faded old copies. The twenty-five documents had actually been made available to the public in 1945, and a little line had been scratched through the words TOP SECRET. The White House had sent them to me, hoping I would stop writing the President asking for them.

The agent who held my "secret papers" was talking into a headset and microphone. "They look real," he said to someone. They gently lifted me off my back from the pavement and said, "Don't ever do that again. It is a good way to get shot."

I tried to grab my documents from him, as I said, "I'll go give these to the President." But a firm hand shoved me in the chest and pushed me back.

"No. I will give them to the President."

In January, 1976, as Gerald Ford left the White House for the last time, a freight truck pulled up to my apartment door and dropped off thousands of declassified documents. They were the real deal about the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, on July 28, 1945. The very same ship talked about in the blockbuster movie, "JAWS."

The Indianapolis had been the Flagship for the entire Allied Fleet whenever she was at sea, and its sinking had been so controversial that the Court of Inquiry had been classified secret and never revealed to the public, since it involved derelict of duty by several top admirals, and even the Secretary of the Navy. The "History of the United States Navy" encyclopedia said, "It will never be made available to the public."

I was the first person to ever see them, and every major publisher in America wanted to make a bid for the rights to publish it. But I would never complete the book.

Two years into the project, something out of this world happened to me.

I heard Jesus say to me, plain as day, "Do not write that (Indianapolis).Write this."

He then supernaturally pulled me from my body and escorted me to a spiritual world of angels at war. He told me, "Write what you see."

Thus began out-of-body journeys that lasted over four decades Those journeys finally ended not long ago, and now a trilogy of books about my encounters has been published and ready for launch.

Out-of-Body Journeys begins with the U.S.S. Indianapolis project, but switches gears when the Lord yanks me out of my body for the first time, to tell me that Pope John Paul I was murdered. I have seen Jesus face-to-face numerous times. He always told me, "Write what you see." I did, and here it is.


"The thing that I found most impressive about (Out-of-Body Journeys) is how incredibly believable it is. I found myself unable to put the book down once I began reading. I think that the author merged the stories of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and (Out-of-Body Journeys) very successfully."