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“Without going into a lot of detail, I’m going to share something with you.  I didn’t know I was going to share this today but I am. God started downloading to me some things.  One of the things I kept hearing was the shuffling of feet, I kept hearing the shuffling of feet. And the Lord said to me, it’s the Ekklesia, it’s the body of Christ taking their place, finding their place and they’re shuffling their feet.  I saw this. And as they kept going, I kept hearing this sound, the sound of the shuffling feet, and they were all just shuffling around just taking their place. And then I saw the army of the Lord standing. Troops upon troops, upon troops, upon troops.  Then I saw the Lord and He started handing out scrolls to individuals and to teams that are going to do battle and that have assignments from Him. And I saw Ruth Ann and there were some that were around her, shoulder to shoulder, and I saw these huge swords in front of the individuals that were surrounding her and they were like, she was in the middle and there was a circle of armor bearers, standing shoulder to shoulder facing out.
And as far as the eye could see God had enhanced the vision of those armor bearers and it seemed like for miles and miles and miles and miles and it went on and on and on to where you could see the tactics of the enemy and the strategies of the enemy. Then all of a sudden I saw fire, the Holy Ghost fire flowing from the armor bearers. Ruth Ann was totally surrounded, nothing could get to her. And as the fire went out, it was the Holy Ghost fire just went out.  We were just standing there and these huge, huge swords in front of us. Then all of a sudden, out of the top of Ruth Ann’s head came water, living water flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing. I could hear the silence, I know this sounds strange, but I could hear the silence of the enemy. Isn’t that interesting? So what you are picking up on, what I feel like in my spirit is the shuffling of the feet, the Ekklesia, the body of Christ, the sons and daughters taking their place.

I saw where the Lord was cutting off and stopping from generation, I’m talking way back that has literally choked generations, the sons and daughters of God from being silent. He was taking it off. And He downloaded some other things that I can’t share right now, but that’s what you are hearing. I can share this. There is fixing to be a massive, massive exposure, a massive exposure in our government, in our government, in Washington, in our local government, in Jackson and in our little cities.  There is fixing to be a major, major, massive Holy Spirit said to me, a massive exposure. So what we’re doing, we are aligning. Let me tell you something, when you align right with God and you align with those God has put you under and you’re in alignment with them; first of all with Him, because your aligned with Him, you are going to be where God’s moving. You are going to be where God is prospering. You’re going to be where the Kingdom of God is coming from heaven to earth and things are happening.  That’s where you want to be and if you are off balance and your not aligned first of all with the Father in your personal relationship and then under who God tells you to be under, aligned with them, you are off balance and you’re going to miss it and you’re going to miss out and the enemy keeps stealing and robbing from you. Do you hear me? So it’s important to align. Let me tell you, when you are out of alignment, it affects your body. Did you know that? It affects you physically. I’m talking about the spiritual alignment will affect you naturally.  So that’s why it’s important to have that relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Father and who God has you aligned with.
You may not agree with everything, but let me tell you something, if you just hold on and keep your mouth shut and ask the Lord, He will tell you and He will show you. I don’t know how many times, and I don’t mean to get off on this but I am. I don’t know how many times Ruth Ann has stood up here and said prove me wrong, prove me wrong. I’ve never been able to prove her wrong. Even when I’ve questioned something in my heart, Holy Spirit would always reveal it to me.  If you want to be blessed, be a blessing. But I saw the Ekklesia taking its’ place and right now in our country there is a shaking going on and the Lord says don’t be disturbed by the shaking. Don’t be disturbed. Have I not promised my prophets from of old what’s going to happen? Don’t be caught off guard, but be prepared. If you aren’t prepared to do what God’s called you to do and if you are just sitting around waiting on God to do something for you or do something for your family; it’s always about me, me, me, me, me and you’re not preparing yourself to do, do, do, do, do.Lord, what do you want me to do, where do you want me to go, what do you want me to say, then you’re going to miss it.

​I heard the Holy Spirit say to me yesterday, enough is enough. It’s time to take back My turf. What the enemy has stolen, God is going to restore it to its’ original state where He wants it to be and His plans and His purposes are going to be fulfilled because this is God and there is no one greater than God. There’s no one more powerful than God. And we can either be a pew sitter or a go getter in the spirit and in the natural because whatever happens in the spirit is going to affect you in the natural. So I want to encourage you to align with God because when you get the heartbeat of God, He’s going to place where you need to be. Some people just don’t know where to go but Holy Spirit said come over here, come over here.  I need you right here. I have a plan for your destiny. The Lord also said the destinies from ancient family lines have been choked by the enemy. He said I am removing the choking. I’m telling you that was my word yesterday - choke. But God was showing what He was doing. Families are going to be restored and they are being restored. He said destinies will be fulfilled as long as you yield.”

Sonja Mansell
January 6, 2019

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