THE EVIL DAY (Part 2)     by Stephen Benton

The story of a flood in Noah's day is a true story and has been documented by many geologists.  Before the flood came, God told his prophet, Noah, about the coming judgement and gave him a 120 year warning.  Noah was 480 years old when he received the message and he preached that message until the 600th year of his life.  At that time, true to his spoken word, the flood came and an entire world was drowned.  I often tell you to put flesh and blood on these old testament stories in order that you might more effectively lift them from the flat pages of scripture into a three dimensional, true to life experience.  

Imagine the ridicule Noah faced as he warned the world about a judgment to come, a judgment of rain.  You know the story. It had never rained upon the earth in those days.  We are told in Genesis that a mist came upon the earth every night and watered the earth.  Now, here comes this old man telling everyone that God was about to send a deluge of water upon the earth and that he was instructed to build a large boat for the purpose of saving life.  I have emphasized many times that Noah's message was a "sign-less" message.  Not one drop of water fell from  heaven during the 120 years.  Those who would be saved from the judgment to come would be saved by believing Noah's message and entering the Ark.  Only eight souls took advantage of God's salvation.

 I am sure that there were those in that time who believed that God was too kind and loving to destroy an entire creation of human and animal life.  They should have known better.  Adam handed down a message to them of the destruction of a previous civilization prior to his creation.  Genesis opens in chapter one telling us that the earth "was without form and void." It was not created that way.  Something happened to the original earth that caused God to judge it.  There are remnants of such a judgment still existing on the earth.  Places such as the Grand Canyon.  That mile-deep fissure in the earth is essentially a wasteland.  The point I am making is that God has destroyed life en masse on several different occasions.  Paleontologists tell us that the dinosaurs were wiped out all at once about 165 million years ago.  I can tell you that their demise was not accidental but a deliberate act of God.  Today we have far greater evidence of both a worldwide cataclysm prior to Noah's day as well as concrete evidence that the flood of Noah did, indeed, take place.  Yet there are those who ignorantly believe that God will not destroy an entire creation if it deserves destruction.  Now, let's get back to the "flesh and blood" aspect of Noah's story.

It did not take Noah 120 years to build a boat.  He and his sons were ship builders by trade.  The job was finished in about five years.  What is significant is that when Noah began building the boat he did not build it with unlimited human living capacity.  We are told in Hebrews 11:7 that he "PREPARED AN ARK FOR THE SAVING OF HIS HOUSE; BY THE WHICH HE CONDEMNED THE WORLD."  At least five years before the flood Noah's message had reached its capacity as far as those who would believe it was concerned.  I don't know where these last days' prophets get the idea that the final days of the Church will be days of unprecedented growth.  Noah's "church" did not grow to eight members, it shrunk to eight.  Abraham prayed for 50 righteous people in the cities of the plain but couldn't find ten!

The passage in Matthew tells us that this world will not heed the warning from God but will go on in an attitude of "knowing not" until the events begin to unfold.  In Noah's day, even though God did not give any signs of the validity of Noah's message, just prior to the flood there were some events that occurred that should have alerted the world to the fact that Noah's message was true.  Noah was instructed to save two animals of every kind in order that they might reproduce after the flood.  Noah did not go out and conduct a round-up.  We are told that the animals "went unto Noah."  That should have alerted the unbelieving world that something out of the ordinary was happening.  To watch a parade of animals go into the ark and never come out again for a week should have caused the more intelligent animal, man, to do the same.

Before the events of God begin to unfold, there will be some earth shattering events.  The soon coming disasters will cause many to believe that the wrath of God has been set in motion but it will be a deception.  That is why Paul admonished us in 2 Thessalonians not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled as if the day of Christ is at hand because Christ will not be the author of the terrible events that are soon to come.  However, Satan is going to cause the world to believe that God is the agent and in so doing, he will present himself as an angel of light offering salvation.  Many will fall for the trick and be eternally lost.  You can be sure that we will be visited by "aliens" before the Church is caught away from this earth. 

They will come declaring a great lie claiming that they are our gods and that they engineered our DNA.  Their lie will be so factual and so convincing that it will cause some believers to leave their faith.  They will arrive just prior to or just after this earth is in the process of dreadful changes that will destroy millions of people.  Their lie will be compelling because the people did not love God's truth.

It's time to wake up!!   

by Stephen Benton  September 20, 1998

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