Is Prince Harry Illuminati?
Did Prince Harry flash an Illuminati and sign when he met Melania Trump?
It certainly looks that way! Prince Harry made quite the odd hand gesture in his photo op with Melania Trump at the Invictus games, and now conspiracy theorists are claiming the royal was using some Illuminati symbolism to ward off evil. The ginger heartthrob looked like he was making devil horns by tucking his fingers into his jacket, and the Internet can’t stop speculating about it! “When Prince Harry is trying to tell you something by flashing the sign of the devil…” one person on Twitter wrote. “Gotta love Prince Harry trolling Melania Trump. The use of a hand gesture to ward off evil. America loves you Prince Harry! @KensingtonRoyal,” wrote another.
Editorial Comment:
This is more common than you think. Satan does have bloodlines on Earth, and the royal family is one of them. Most royal families are members of Illuminati.

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