Trump Announcement and World War III

Jerusalem Capital of Israel brings World War III

Brace yourself for World War III

Why will Jerusalem cause World War III
Jerusalem is the reason for World War III

“For we are not fighting human versus human, but against territorial dominions of various ranking fallen angels, against SahTAHN’s powers, against his human rulers and their evil governments, against all manner of wickedness coming from the Prince of the Power of the Air.” (Ephesians 6:12) 

World War III
“Why is it all about Jerusalem?”

by Michael Mullen

Before YHWH created Earth, the universe was colorless and bland. When the magnificent blue-and-green Planet appeared to brighten the darkness as a beautiful sculpture, the angels all sang at its splendor. Leading in song was Choir Director Archangel Lucifer, who fell in love with Earth at first sight.

To the delight of the angels in Heaven, YHWH held a gala Open House. They descended to Earth and took the guided tour. Lucifer got a backstage pass from YHWH because they were best friends. They walked together in the Garden of Eden, a Holy Place in the City of Jerusalem (not Babylon), where YHWH built his Temple and sat on his Throne when he visited Earth.

YHWH returned to work and left Lucifer in charge of Earth and all its inhabitants. Lucifer was instructed to lead Holy Praises to YHWH. Soon, however, Lucifer grew weary of singing praises to YHWH; after all, Lucifer was the one governing Earth and doing all the work. He was sick of YHWH telling him what he must do, and what he could not do. Bow to him. Sing to him. Shine his shoes. “Yes Massah YHWH.” Enough was enough. He hated the Guy.

Lucifer decreed that all the inhabitants of Earth could do whatever gave them pleasure, regardless what YHWH said. The angels loved him for it. They held a special Election, and Lucifer defeated YHWH by a landslide. He was duly elected King of the World. Everyone wanted Lucifer to lead them, not some boring old YHWH who had no idea how to have fun. Lucifer taught them how to have sex of all manner, drink, which plants to smoke for fun, gamble, whatever. They threw YHWH to the curb. Then Lucifer did the unthinkable. He claimed Jerusalem for himself. He entered the Garden of Eden, walked into the Holy Temple, and sat on YHWH’s Throne. “I am King of the World!”

YHWH was angry. “Lucifer,” he called down from Heaven. “Get up here–NOW!”

Heavenly Rebellion

Downfall of Lucifer

Lucifer attended the conference meeting in YHWH’s High Throne Room. A vast army of loyal angels accompanied him, which was forbidden. He planned to assassinate YHWH and seize his High Throne, to unite with Earth’s Throne that he had just captured. He would be God. All would do as they pleased. Tolerate all things. They worshipped him. YHWH knew not how to win the hearts of minds of the masses.

At the meeting, YHWH surprised Lucifer. “You’re fired!” Lucifer and his army attacked.

YHWH spoke a Word and the war was finished as soon as it had begun. He said the Word, and it was so. The magnificent garments, with all their radiant jewels, were stripped away. Lucifer, the most beautiful angel of them all, transformed into an ugly Beast. The melodious voice that enchanted the angels, gave way to deep growls. YHWH changed his name from Lucifer (Shining One), to SahTAHN, meaning the “Adversary” or “The Resistance.” SahTAHN cursed YHWH with his growling words. “I will take your Throne.” He swore to return to his Temple in Jerusalem and prepare for an overthrow of the Heavenly Throne.

YHWH would have none of that. The Garden of Eden in Jerusalem was his Holy Place on Earth. It had been defiled. YHWH was supernaturally angry. He scared every being in the universe as he smashed the stars and buried Earth in water so deep that it blotted the sun. Earth froze. All life was extinguished. Plants hibernated beneath the ice. There stood Earth, void and without life. In total darkness. SahTAHN would never have it. He banished SahTAHN and all his fallen angels to the Dark World of outer space.

“Let there be Light”

From the Beginning of Time, YHWH and SahTAHN fought for control of the Temple in Jerusalem. SahTAHN waited eons in darkness for a chance at revenge. Suddenly he saw activity down below, on Earth.

Genesis 1:2

(2) Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep water, and the Spirit of God was hovering above the waters.

The Shekinah light from the Holy Ghost thawed the frozen Earth and it was restored in six days. When SahTAHN spied from above he noticed something strange that wasn’t there before. Two new creatures in the Garden in Jerusalem. YHWH called them Adam and Eve. SahTAHN descended to explore the situation, disguised as a serpent. Eve was a bimbo. He easily got her to eat from the tree that YHWH warned her about. Then he knocked her up. Adam came by and she got him to eat, then he knocked her up. Cain and Abel. So this was supposed to be YHWH’s greatest creation? YHWH was so mad he closed the Garden of Eden and sent them packing.

The Super Fortress

While YHWH busied himself blessing the babies Adam and Eve dropped all over the land, SahTAHN doubled-back to Jerusalem, even though the Garden had been shut down to the public. He started his own bloodline, and they, too, dropped babies all over the land. In just a few thousand years SahTAHN’s blood flowed through the veins of an entire race of people who occupied the Holy Lands. “I am King of the World!” he growled again towards the Idiot who occupied the Heavenly Throne illegally.

SahTAHN would never again yield ownership of the Holy Land to YHWH. Everyone in the land was his own kin. His blood flowed through them. And to protect his Kingdom of the World against any warring bloodline that YHWH might send against him, he built a massive fortress the likes of which Earth had never seen. Its walls towered eighty-feet tall and ten-feet thick of solid stone. Jericho defended the entrance to the Holy Land and the future site of SahTAHN’s Jerusalem’s Temple and Throne. The impenetrable structure faced the mighty Jordan River, which deterred any advancing enemies. The river was swollen most of the year, and an advancing army had only a short window to cross it when the dry season came. And if they managed to navigate the rushing waters successfully, they would stand in shock-and-awe at the terrifying task of breaching the intimidating super fortress lined with archers and lancers and weapons of all sorts to defeat anything and anyone in any numbers. SahTAHN was King of the World and YHWH would get his butt kicked if he tried anything. “Just tuck your tail between your legs and creep back to your Heavenly Throne, because I am coming up there next.”

SahTAHN laughed that YHWH was going to try it. His slave-boy Joshua camped with six-hundred-thousand soldiers on the far side of the Jordan River, along with a couple of million Jews who came to occupy the Holy Land, like SahTAHN was really going to allow that to happen. They looked so pathetic with their oxen and carts, and old men and women, and young couples with little children. Seriously? That would take them months to cross the Jordan, provided it even dried up enough for them to try it. There was never a dry season that long. So SahTAHN and his bloodline army relaxed, feeling no posed threat. Besides the Jew Priests were bringing a nice gift to him. They carried the Ark of the Covenant which contained the Ten Commandments. Wonderful. SahTAHN would use it for toilet paper. HOLY CRAP! DID SAHTAHN JUST SEE WHAT HE SAW?

The Sky River

The Jordan River swelled beyond both banks, forming a fast-rushing lake. Instead of waiting months for a limited dry season for the Jew monkeys to cross, the Levite priests carried the Ark of the Covenant toward the river. SahTAHN watched curiously. “What is that moron doing?” he growled. As soon as the priests touched the water on the swollen bank, THE ENTIRE RIVER LIFTED TO THE SKY! The riverbed turned to dust. For three miles wide, the river flowed through the air, allowing the Jews with all their supplies to cross into the Holy Land. SahTAHN’s bloodline feared any god who could do that. Many civilians fled.

Still, they would never breach the wall. They did not even try. The clowns marched around the fortress in eerie silence. Then they turned to face SahTAHN’s fort, blew the shofar one time, turned quietly, and marched back to camp. The next day, they repeated, but this time they marched two times around and sounded the trumpets twice. On the third day, they repeated three times, and the fourth day, four times, and so forth until day seven. When finished with seven laps and seven trumpets, they turned toward SahTAHN’s fort and SHOUTED! The earth rumbled. The walls caved-inward on top of the evil bloodline. The ground opened and swallowed the rest of them.

Wars of the Whores

Many of SahTAHN’s females had fled the fortress prior to its demise, and SahTAHN rallied them back with painted eyes and colored lips. They were the greatest whores in the world. They easily seduced the Jewish soldiers and convinced them to perform dark rituals. Their babies participated in evil traditions. Priests cut down pretty green trees, made wooden stands for them to display upright, decorated the branches with colorful ornaments, and lured the children under the tree with treats. Then priests burned them alive. They deposited their ashes in ornate urns, which their parents displayed proudly on their mantles at home. SahTAHN recaptured the Holy Land without a fight. “I am King of the World.”

YHWH sent a powerful and evil enemy to enslave the Jews and exile them to Babylon. SahTAHN celebrated. All the illegal immigrants had been deported. Jerusalem was all his. “I am King of the World.”

But in seventy years, YHWH released the Jews and sent them home, where they again took back Jerusalem. SahTAHN hated YHWH.

Spring Forward to 1948

SahTAHN’s number one Bloodline was the Rothschild family. They worshiped him. They had created the Illuminati to prepare Earth for Lucifer’s return (They refused to admit Lucifer’s heavenly defeat and refused to call him SahTAHN). They devised a plan to retake the Holy Land for their God. They refused to allow Jews to exit Germany during Hitler’s reign because they needed a Jewish “body count.” After the war, they cried about “The poor Jews have no home of their own. They needed Britain to give Palestine to the Jews for their own nation of Israel. On May 14, 1948, the Jews came home. The orthodox Jews sounded the alarm when the Nation of Israel unfurled their national flag. IT WAS THE STAR OF MOLACH! SahTAHN. There was no such thing as the “Star of David.” When they planted that flag into the Holy Land, SahTAHN growled, “I am King of the World!”


SahTAHN strategically placed his messenger in America’s Oval Office. Back in the day, when Mohammad delivered messages for Allah (SahTAHN) he was carried by a beast named, “Barack.” Barack stood on the Capitol steps and delivered a powerful and evil message, “America is no longer a Christian nation.” He elevated Allah to new heights, and planted global contempt for Israel. He fought to return the Holy Land and Jerusalem to Allah. Good boy, Barack. Good boy. “I am King of the World.”


Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.” SahTAHN will declare World War III. But Trump did the right thing. It was the Godly thing to do. And it took a man who was not afraid to stare World War III in the face doing God’s will, regardless.

SahTAHN must get rid of Trump. One of the meanings of his name is, “The Resistance.” Sound familiar? It comes from the political party who literally is godless. They boo YHWH. They demand “Tolerance.” They support every evil practice. The War Drums are beating.

SahTAHN wants Jerusalem. YHWH won’t give it to him. World War III is coming, ready or not. It is ALL about Jerusalem.

Michael Mullen

Author/War of the Angels

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