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  • Managing North Korea
    Thomas Cynkin Security, Asia Here's what Washington should do to test Pyongyang's intentions and move forward successfully. We are in the eye of the storm of U.S.-North Korea relations. Both sides are assessing the Hanoi summit between President... Topics: Pyongyang
  • Pompeo Not ‘Mature,’ Bolton ‘Dim-Sighted,’ DPRK Lambasts Top US Trump Picks
    In its second scathing critique of a high-ranking US figure in less than a week, Pyongyang has described demands by the US national security adviser, John Bolton, for proofs that North Korea is in the process of denuclearization as “nonsense.” Topics: Pyongyang
  • U.S. authorities arrested a former marine for raid on North Korea's Spanish embassy
    The United States on Friday made the first arrest related to the mysterious raid of North Korea's embassy in Spain in February, sources familiar with the situation told The Washington Post. During the raid, which took place in the middle of the day,... Topics: Spain
  • China Will Be Mad: Did North Korea Offer to Help Taiwan Build Submarines?
    Charlie Gao Security, Asia-Pacific It was recently reported in various Taiwanese media outlets that North Korea and Taiwan discussed the transfer of North Korean submarine technology to Taiwan. Submarines are a critical asset for Taiwan’s Navy,... Topics: China, Taiwan
  • N. Korea: Bolton Call for Denuclearization Sign ‘Dim-Sighted’
    North Korea has criticized U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton’s “nonsense” call for Pyongyang to show that it’s serious about giving up its nuclear weapons, the second time it has criticized a leading U.S. official in less than a... Topics: Pyongyang