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  • On Denuclearization and North Korea
    North Korean nuclear warhead As we try to approach the issue of the politics of the Korean peninsula, including both talks between the North and the South, as well as the pending Kim-Trump summit, we need to think about what is, and what is not,... Topics: South Korea
  • North Korea Halts Nuclear And Ballistic Missile Tests
    Last night, North Korea once again surprised the world with the announcement that it was ending its nuclear and ballistic missile test programs, but the devil here is in the details: SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s leader, Kim... Topics: South Korea, Seoul, Kim Jong-Un
  • U.S. Human Rights Report Labels Russia and China Threats to Global Stability
    The State Department report, which this year underwent significant alterations that reflected the change in administrations, also reproached Iran and North Korea. Topics: Human Rights, Russia, China, Iran
  • The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week
    From the release of James Comey’s private memos about his meetings with President Trump to developing talks with North Korea, let us catch you up on six big stories from the week.
  • 10 things you need to know today: April 21, 2018
    1. North Korea "no longer needs" to test nuclear weapons and missiles, leader Kim Jong Un said Saturday, and will shut down the site of the past six nuclear tests. Kim cast the decision as a practical matter because Pyongyang has already achieved... Topics: Kim Jong-Un, Pyongyang